SQL Injection Using HAVIJ

Thursday, June 30, 2011

SQL Injection Using HAVIJ

The world today really is very simplified, just so the user can directly whiz in the case of SQL Injection, without having to know the basics. You can call your self what?
Okay, it's just sharing how SQL Injection Havij:
1. Please search for targets using SQL Injection Vulnerability, can be obtained from the search and exploit-db.com, please find here: http://www.exploit-db.com/webapps , a vulnerability that has a keyword search for"SQL injection".
2. Then please download  HAVIJ TOOLS FREE or DOWNLOAD HAVIJ PRO
3. Mandatory for download help & help the following: HELP PDF & CHM HELP
4. Here are some images HAVIJ TOOLS:

5. The main steps in Havij:
  • Find a website that has a SQL Injection Vulnerable
  • Enter the targets that are vulnerable to the tab "Target" in Havij unmarked '
  • Then click Analyze
  • Menus are studied in HELP please HELP PDF & CHM who have downloaded for each function.
What the hell that can be obtained by using these tools?
  1. You can deface the website with HAVIJ
  2. You can do copy / save the database with HAVIJ
  3. You can find the admin login with HAVIJ
  4. You can become a website administrator with HAVIJ
  5. Furthermore, depending on the extent to which your shrewdness in managing the target : D
If still not satisfied, following a video tutorial on HAVIJ included, because it was more scattered, so do not need to make your own videos, please immediately wrote listened to:


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