Monday, June 27, 2011

Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics

This updated third edition illustrates the mathematical concepts that a game developer needs to develop 3D computer graphics and game engines at the professional level. It starts at a fairly basic level in areas such as vector geometry and linear algebra, and then progresses to more advanced topics in 3D programming such as illumination and visibility determination. Particular attention is given to derivations of key results, ensuring that the reader is not forced to endure gaps in the theory. The book assumes a working knowledge of trigonometry and calculus, but also includes sections that review the important tools used from these disciplines, such as trigonometric identities, differential equations, and Taylor series.

The third edition expands upon topics that include projections, shadows, physics, cloth simulation, and numerical methods. All of the illustrations have been updated, and the shader code has been updated to the latest high-level shading language specifications.

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Illustrated C# 2010

This book presents the C# language in a uniquely succinct and visual format. Often in programming books, the information can be hidden in a vast sea of words. As a programmer who has over the years used a dozen programming languages, the author understands it can sometimes be difficult to slog through another 1,000-page book of dense text to learn a new language. There are likely many other programmers who feel the same way. To address this situation, this book explains C# using figures; short, focused code samples; and clear, concise explanations.

Figures are of prime importance in this book. While teaching programming seminars, Solis found that he could almost watch the lightbulbs going on over the students’ heads as he drew the figures on the whiteboard. In this text, he has distilled each important concept into simple but accurate illustrations. The visual presentation of the content will give you an understanding of C# that’s not possible with text alone.

For something as intricate and precise as a programming language, however, there must be text as well as figures. But rather than long, wordy explanations, Solis has used short, concise descriptions and bulleted lists to make each important piece of information visually distinct.

By the end of this book, you’ll have a thorough working knowledge of all aspects of the C# language, whether you’re a novice programmer or a seasoned veteran of other languages. If you want a long, leisurely, verbose explanation of the language, this is not the book for you. But if you want a concise, thorough, visual presentation of C#, this is just what you’re looking for.

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Air Conflicts - Secret Wars

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - arcade flight simulator, which takes place during the First and Second World Wars. During the 7 campaigns, players will take more than 48 different types of missions - patrols, covert operations, bombing, escort and other. The choice will be presented to different planes, each of which has strengths and weaknesses. You can also select a control circuit: arcade (easier to control the aircraft) or simulator (more control).

Game Features:
- More than 16 aircraft from both World Wars, including classic aircraft as the Sopwith Camel, Messerschmitt Bf109 and Spitfire. Among the secret prototypes will be present such as Bolchowitinow BI-3, Gloster Meteor fighter Horten HIX, predecessor of modern bombers, stealth.
- Configure your aircraft - will add speed or agility, to do battle with enemies.
- The battle in the real world - 24 real cards, including Berlin, Belgrade, Slovakia, and Tobruk to challenge you.
- 7 campaigns and 49 different missions.
- Take to the skies with friends (or enemies) - everyone from up to eight players can select. Dogfight, Team Dogfight, Capture the Flag, destruction and protection of the fortress.

System Requirements: 
* Operating system: - Windows XP / Vista / 7
* Processor: - Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.***** / AMD Athlon II X2 255
* Memory: - 3 GB
* Video: - nVidia GeForce GTS 150 / ATI Radeon HD 5670 512MB
* Sound Card: - Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
* Hard disk space: - 9 GB

Features Repack'a:
* Do not cut
* Do not recoded
* Save all the registry path
* Enclosing pill
* The latest (to date) version
* Beautiful, updated installer with music [v.4.0]
* Start the game with a shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
* Fast installation (5 min. 10 min.)
* Efficiency RePack'a tested on Windows 7 x32
* Author RePack'a MIHAHIM

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Lick Library - Essential Guitar Practice Routines

Description: Honored Artist of Russia (in absentia) Danny Gill taught to play with string skipping.
Develop and Expand your string skipping with Danny Gill Technique. In a new ripping is very easy navigation, all information is divided into parts. In the folder named Advanced wrong file. Instead Bm / D should read Bm / A .
Introduction (0:52)
Beginner Exercise
Chord Progression (4:01)
Beginner Performance (2:01)
A - Bm (1:41)
E / G # - A (1:39)
F # / A # - Bm (1:12)
E / G # - A (1:07)
D - A / C # (1:27)
Bm - A (0:56)
D - A / C # (1:06)
Bm - A / C # - D - E - A - E (1:59)
Beginner Wrap-Up (1:23)
Intermediate Exercise
Chord Progression (2:47)
Intermediate Performance (0:58)
Am (1:22)
E7 (1:32)
A - Dm (2:06)
G - C (2:02)
Bdim7 (1:11)
Am (1:11)
Dm - E - Am (2:15)
Intermediate Wrap-Up (2:07)
Advanced Exercise
Chord Progression (4:18)
Advanced Performance (1:11)
1st 8 Bars
A - E / G # - F # m - E (2:36)
D - B / D # - E - E / D (2:42)
C # m - F # / A # (2:14)
Bm - Bm / A - E / G # - E (2:27)
Wrap-Up (1:14)
2nd 8 Bars
A - E / G # - F # m - E (1:52)
D - B / D # - E - E / D (2:06)
C # m - F # / A # (1:46)
Bm - Bm / A - E / G # - E (2:53)
Wrap-Up (1:17)
Conclusion (1:09)
Jam Tracks
Beginner Jam Track (6:18)
Intermediate Jam Track (5:12)
Advanced Jam Track (5:48)
Rips out a series of Practice routines:
Sweep Picking
Alternate Picking
Tapping Technique

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Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4

Info Security Edition: May - June 2011

Infosecurity magazine is devoted to the strategy and technique of information security and it is distributed to over 25,000 IT security professionals in the UK and Europe. Editorial coverage includes all the top business sectors - finance, government, IT, consulting, manufacturing and wholesale computers, medical/healthcare etc.

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