5 Elang : Scouts Movie

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 Elang : Scouts Movie

After the success of ' Garuda Di Dadaku ' film that grossed about 1.3 million viewers in 2009, SBO Films will soon release two family films that will fill the Eid holidays and year-end. Both the film is ' 5 Elang and the sequel ' Garuda Di Dadaku '.

In a press conference conducted on Thursday (16 / 6) in KuninganVillage, SBO Films consisting of Salman Aristo, Kemal Arsjad and Shanty Harmayn, claiming that they have the attention and commitment of family films. They also said he was happy because it can release the two movies at once and this can happenbecause of the help of several parties that have the same vision.Film Elang ' ready to appear in theaters on August 25, 2011.This film tells about the adventures of five children in thebackground Scouts. Starring Christoffer Nelwan, Iqbaal Ramadan,Teuku Rizky, Bastian Stars and Monica Sayangbati, this film alsodirected by Rudi Soedjarwo with stories of Salman Aristo.Garuda Di Dadaku while the sequel, continuing the story of the struggle Bayu in reaching goals as the best soccer player in the category of U-15. The sequel is still starring Emir Mahira as a major player, with the team director and writer of the same storyand ready to appear on December 15, 2011.


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